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Queen G is Booking for 2020-2021!

Whether you need a performance poet, an experienced workshop facilitator, a dynamic voice actor, a charismatic host, a creative copywriter, an engaging panelist or a passionate public speaker, Queen G is the right choice. Hurry! The calendar is filling quickly. Check out the CONTACT TAB to access an Inquiry Form and list of services offered.

Queen G Poetry Patreon

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The Royal Room with Queen G 


Queen G is the host of a new podcast called The Royal Room with Queen G!

Welcome to The Royal Room, where we translate the taboo into table talk and affirm the phenomenal in you!

Here, we create space for the out of the box folks. You know, the ones who are always too much and not enough simultaneously? The ones who always color a little outside of the lines the world has set for them? The ones who find their identity in the midst of that tension? This is for them.

We're also bringing back the #BlackDiamond feature better than ever! Every episode we'll be highlighting a Black Diamond and celebrating the work of Black Women creatives.

Do you have questions you want us to answer? Topics you want us to discuss? People you want on the show? #BlackDiamonds you want featured? You can contact the Queen G Poetry team by direct message on all Queen G Poetry social media (@QueenGPoetry), email ([email protected]), or call in on the #Anchor app!

You can find this podcast on the Anchor app, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and most podcast platforms! Just search "The Royal Room with Queen G", or click the photo above.


Celebrating Women's herstory Month 2021: Unfiltered Stories

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The Whetting Stone

Whet verb [\ˈhwet, ˈwet\]

1. sharpen the blade of (a tool or weapon) by grinding or friction

2. to make keen or more acute; to strengthen

3. excite or stimulate (someone's desire, interest, or appetite)

The Whetting Stone is Queen G's debut chapbook . This project is a collection of original pieces that candidly, passionately, and poignantly present a journey of self discovery while on the pursuit of purpose. It highlights themes of tribulation, triumph, and love while investigating the intersections of identity through faith, Blackness, and Womanhood. The Whetting Stone is about allowing everything that could have crushed you to sharpen you instead. It is turning hardness into a whetstone and becoming the best sword possible. May this project be sharp enough to pierce your heart, and strong enough to sharpen it. 

The Whetting Stone chapbook is available for purchase!

Click Here or visit the Store tab

Notice! The Whetting Stone is being currently being reprinted. If there is a delay with your delivery, please be patient with us. Feel free to contact us for customer support with any questions or concerns!

The Whetting Stone Presents: Black Diamonds

On January 25, 2017 we started a new series called Black Diamonds featuring Black women creatives that are using their passion to change the world one project at a time. We will bring back Black Diamonds in 2018 and feature a different creative on the 25th of each month. You can visit the Feature of the Month tab or click here to read more.

Interested in being a Black Diamond feature? Send an email to [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check out the calendar for upcoming performances and events!